August 20, 2012

My idea of quiet | Wilmington, Ma Photographer

This weekend we were away at our cottage. Everyone was still sleeping so I took my coffee to the end of the dock to sit and enjoy the quiet. At first I was using my phone to shoot this scene, then the coffee actually kicked in and the brain got a jump-start, so I ran back up to the camp and grabbed my camera to catch this shot for real...

Of course, as I was playing around and testing settings, some fisherman on a bass boat had to come over and invade my space... so my quiet morning was then ruined by a bass boat who zoomed over to hurry up and fish right in front of my dock. They are always in such a hurry to get where they are going, then they sit right in my view for hours..... I really wanted to strangle him or throw a rock at him, he was close enough, I probably could have hit him, lol. I guess I really shouldn't complain, we could be on a lake with much more boat traffic, but for the most part we may see a dozen boats the whole weekend.

I have a few photo sessions coming up, so please keep checking back, this blog should be a pretty busy place over the next few weeks. And I hope to keep throwing in the non-people posts too, just to keep it diverse.


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